Member Care Solutions software enables Doctors to offer Memberships & Concierge Medicine options for their patients, all under the same platform!

Is your Doctor's office considering affordable Membership options, or even Concierge Medicine plans for their patients? Member Care Solutions software handles both!

With Member Care Solutions software you can begin offering your patients Membership Plans and/or Concierge Medicine options designed specifically for your practice in as little as a week! You're in full control of the plans and prices, as well as the services you'd like to include under each plan. You can even set up Membership Plans (for discounted care services) in conjunction with Concierge Medicine plans, all using the same software package and at no additional cost!

For example, let's say you'd like to offer a Concierge Medicine plan for $50/month, which grants Members anytime access to the Doctor. Member Care Solutions software allows you to set up such a plan within minutes! Our software provides you with a shopping cart for registering new Members (which you can link to from your website, email marketing, etc), and even manages the monthly billing and reporting for you automatically so you and your team can continue to focus on building your business, not managing time consuming membership registration and billing paperwork.

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